Buy Localfor Good

Your food choices make a big difference. The benefits of eating local go far beyond your dinner plate to support: 


Eating local keeps profits here at home. Local producers support their communities by creating jobs, buying from local businesses, giving to community-based non-profits and keeping rural areas vibrant.  


The quality and freshness of local foods can’t be beat. Our fruit, veggies, meat, eggs and other New Brunswick products are at their peak when you buy from local farm gates, farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms and grocery stores.

The Environment

The fewer miles your meal is shipped, the better. Local food travels less and needs less packaging, saving big on greenhouse gas emissions.

Ways to Buy Direct

Shop for local products at:

  • Farm gates
  • Farm and fish markets
  • Community-supported agriculture boxes (CSA)
  • Wharves
  • Specialty stores
  • Breweries and Tasting Rooms
  • Beverage and liquor stores and outlets