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How Curious! In Lewis Carroll’s most famous story, the White Rabbit leads Alice tumbling into the magic of Wonderland.  In Moncton, the Black Rabbit takes guests on another kind of adventure, one based on playful menus whose courses deliver delights that Alice herself might envy: local tomatoes dressed up with balsamic pearls and raspberry foam, a black pasta […]

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Close-up view of hand picking up live lobster.

Billy Grant has been in New Brunswick seafood his entire adult life.  He got his start at 17, cutting fish at Lord’s Lobster, the beloved former seafood stall in the Saint John City Market. In 1993, after 15 years at Lord’s, he went out on his own. For 30 years, he’s been the name and […]

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Italian by Night

by Web Manager

Close-up view of a hand placing garnish onto a plate of pasta.

Italian Soul, New Brunswick Ingredients Some days, the tomatoes Chef Michelle Hooton harvests on her farm are still warm when she arrives at Italian By Night, the beloved fine-dining restaurant she co-owns in the heart of uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. In the kitchen, she and her team deploy well-honed restraint in turning these and […]

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Jenna White, Jenna White, indigenous chef and owner of Jenna's Nut-Free Dessertery - camp side cooking

Indigenous Chef Nurtures Connection, Community For Jenna White, the dinner table has always been a gathering place. “For me, it wasn’t so much about what we were putting on the table, it was the time we spent together around it,” she says from her Fredericton restaurant, Jenna’s Nut-Free Dessertery, which opened last year. “But the food […]

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